Red Crane’s philosophy is built on a fundamental belief and active commitment to the ideals that responsible investing can be profitable while supporting long-term sustainable developments in local communities, protecting the environment and contributing to a brighter future for all.  We strive to live our philosophy through our investments by actively pursuing the following goals:


Our Active Footprint of Preservation

We recognise that real estate development leaves a large footprint, therefore we undertake developments with a strong emphasis on achieving recognised global environmental standards such as the U.S. Green Building Council and other regional and local standards that govern the design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings.  In geographic regions where there are no clear guidelines or statutory requirements for green building initiatives, we will continue to adhere to best practices in environmental sustainability.


Build Better Communities

We recognise that every real estate development and project provides an opportunity to have a positive direct impact on the local community.  Our investments will emphasize community benefits, revitalisations, and economic opportunity creations.  Red Crane will work closely with community leaders, members, consultants and experts to assist in planning and design that results in positive benefits to all stakeholders.  We will collaborate with international architects and designers while working closely with local counterparts to ensure collaboration of design innovation while being sensitive to local and community tradition and history. Our goal is for our investments to contribute to long-term sustainable development benefits to every community that we are part of.