Our Investment Approach

Deal Origination & Sourcing

We leverage our granular approach to analysis of sectors and local market fundamentals combined with our network of relationships to identify esoteric and proprietary deals from multiple sources that can deliver superior returns.


Deal Execution

We combine our expertise in investment underwriting, deal structuring, negotiation, asset financing, and operating experience to align economic and operating interests of all parties to maximize our performance and minimize risks.


Project & Asset Management

We leverage our operating expertise to effectively manage project development and our financial expertise to maximize economic value in our asset management. We take a comprehensive approach to asset management for each investment to ensure value creation that’s sustainable.

 Risk Management

We leverage our financial markets expertise, experience working with strategic partners, and relationships with lending institutions to craft a comprehensive approach to risk mitigation and management.


Value Realization

We actively manage asset exit strategies through a combination of extensive analysis of market liquidity, cycles, and investors. We ensure that every investment has multiple exit strategies in place before the closing of the original investment.